Beat the summer heat and install and air-conditioner today!

Air-conditioners are one of life's little luxuries, that take the edge off of those blistering hot days or warm you up on those bone numbing, frigid winter days.

Depending on your location and eligibility, you also may also be eligible to receive up to $400 cash back from the Peak Smart Program offered by Ergon and Energex.  

We have a team of fully qualified refrigerator mechanics and electricians, that are experienced in all forms of domestic and commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration. We are Queensland Building and Constructions Commission (QBCC) and Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) licensed and and hold a current Refrigerant Trading Authorisation.

INSTALLATION                                  REPAIR                                       MAINTENANCE

We can service, install, maintain and repair anything from domestic and commercial split system air-conditioners of all sizes, Coldrooms, and Heat-pumps to your household refrigerator.

If you have a Air-conditioning or Refrigeration problem. Call the professionals.

Need a fridgey? ……iMafridgey!